Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sambodhan New Nepali Movie 2014

Sambodhan Poster
Sambodhan - Thriller Movie for this Monsoon
From the director of nepali super hit movie "Hostel" and Jerryy, Sambodhan is all set to thrill the audience on coming August 22, 2014 (Bhadra 6, 2070 B.S.). Initially this movie was titled as "Jindabaad" but later the crew decided to name it as Sambodhan so as to avoid the confusions to the audience that this movie is not about the politics. In this movie Namrata Shrestha will be acting as a crime reporter. Two of the Namrata's movie Sambodhan and Tandav are set to release on the same day.

Tentative Released Date: August 22, 2014 (Bhadra 6, 2070 B.S.). The release date of Sambodhan has been postponed since the movie Kohinoor is running house full for 2 weeks in  Nepal and Sambodhan team is taking a smart move to pay tribute to late actor Shri Krishna Shrestha by postponing its release date. New Release date is Magh 16, 2071 B.S. [Jan 30, 2015.]

Watch Full movie on Youtube here: SAMBODHAN FULL NEPALI MOVIE

Cast: Namrata Shrestha, Dayahang Rai, Binay Bhatta (Youth Politician in real life), Prashant Tamrakar, Suleman Shankar (Ikku)
Genre: Thriller
Written By: Hem Raj BC
Cinematography: Rameshwor Karki
Music: Jayan J

Produced By: Saroj Neupane, Bishnu Lama
Directed By: Hem Raj BC
Production: Red Rose Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Watch Official Trailer of SAMBODHAN Nepali Movie:

Watch SAMBODHAN Nepali Movie song - "Chitta Nadukhau":

Watch Sambodhan Movie Song "Aaja Aaja ko ho ki" by Hemanta Rana:

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Sheesha Poster
The Official Trailer of new nepali movie Sheesha has been released. Looking at the trailer the movie seems to be a murder mystery. Most of the movie has been screened in the beautiful location Sikkim India and Nepal. According to the cast and crew members, Sheesha tries to relate life with the mirror.

Tentative Release Date: August 8 2014 (Shrawan 23, 2070 B.S.)
Cast: Jeevan Luitel, Uma Baby, Ragini Khadgi, Nirmal Century, Sharmila Malla, Baichung Vutia

Genre: suspense, Love Story
Cinematography: Kumar Bakhati and Ram Kumar K.C.
Music: Lucky Sitaula

Produced By: Ajeeta Sumargi, Mahesh PD Dhungel, Madhu Sudan Dhakal, Birat Thapa
Directed By: R.B. Khatri

Production: Oh Entertainment

Sheesha Actors
Uma Beby on the Left and Jeevan Luitel on the right
Watch Official Trailer of Sheesha Nepali Movie:


Nishani Movie Poster
Nishani - Aayo Gorkhali
Nishani is a new nepali movie based on the true story of brave Gorkhali's of Nepal and their role in the the battle of "Khalubar" Kargil 1999. In this war, Gorkhalis fought bravely and won it creating a history so called as "Nishani". In this battle, 14 Gorkhalis were being killed and declared as martyrs.

Tentative Release Date: Sep 12, 2014 (Bhadra 27 2070 B.S.)

Cast: Prashant Tamang, Prem Subba, Anu Gurung, Bishnu Chemjong, Siru Bista, Suraj Ranabhat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nagbeli - By Govind Rai The Choreographer Turned Director

Choreographer Gobind Rai who has a long experience in teaching dance to nepali actresses is now into the movie movie direction debuting through Nagbeli. Based on the youths of nepal who are forced to go abroad, Nagbeli is supposed to give a strong message to the people governing the country.

Tentative Release Date: Ashar 27 2070 B.S. (July 11, 2014)
Cast: Dayahang Rai, Harshika Shrestha, Romian Limbu, Sambhav Shrestha, Yashraj Garach, Bikki Malla, Suravi Jain, Ashok Funyal.

Genre: Social Comedy, Romance
Story: Dipendra Lama
Cinematography: Ramsharan Uprety
Action: Roshan Shrestha
Music: Shital Moktan
Produced By: Romiyan Limbu

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Punte Parade

Punte Parade
Watch Punte - And his Parade.
Designed By:
After successful movies like Apabad and Awaran, Punte Parade is director Subash Koirala's third nepali movie featuring Samyam Puri in a lead role. Samyam Puri, who is well known after his movie Saayad, can be seen in a dozen of different roles from Spiderman to thief. This movie particularly focuses on the teenagers by depicting the college life and a 19 year old guy who thinks  in different ways and presents himself in different avatars among his surroundings.

Tentative Release Date: Asoj 03 2014 B.S. [September 19, 2014]
Cast: Samyam Puri, Anjila Dahal, Nattu Shah, Nilu Dolma Sherpa, Nazir Hussain, Saroj Shrestha, Rabindra Khadka
Special Appearance: Priyanka Karki

Genre: Teen Drama, Comedy
Written By (Script): Shan Basnyat
Cinematography: Babu Shretha
Screenplay: Shan Basnyat
Music: Tara Prakash Limbu, Tek Nanda Lama

Produced By: Hari Mahat, Suraj Koirala, Anil Adhikari
Directed By: Subash Koirala
Production: Sahan Movie Makers

Storyline: Teen Life

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rekha Thapa's Himmatwali

Yet another girly action movie Himmatwali starring Rekha Thapa is all set to be released on the festival of Dashain (Fulpati) 2071 B.S. With this movie Rekha has set a hitory of being an actress, producer and director of the movie at the same time. Rekha's movie "Kaali" was also released on the festival of Dashain last year which was a huge success.

Himmatwali Rekha
Himmatwali Rekha

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