Monday, July 4, 2016

Chapali Height 2

Chapali Height 2 Nepali Movie
Chapali Height 2 - Romantic Thriller

Chapali Height 2 is the sequel of sexual thriller movie Chapali Height which was released on 2012. This time the movie is based on romantic thriller and we can see new faces in the movie. The new actors are all from the modeling field.Taking about the director, Dipendra K. Khanal has recently directed Pashupati Prasad which has been very successful. His Previous movies include Jholay, Vigilante (3D Movie), Chapali Height etc.

Released Date: 19th August 2016 [Bhadra 3 2073 B.S.]

Watch Full Movie Chapali Height 2 Below:

Cast: Aayushman Deshraj Joshi (Debut), Marishka Pokhrel, Paramita RL Rana (Debut), Rear Rai, Muna Gauchan
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Story: Dipendra k. Khanal
Cinematography: Niraj Kandel
Writer: Shan Basnyat
Music:  Arjun Kumar
Action: Surya Thokar

Produced By: Arjun Kumar
Directed By: Dipendra k. Khanal

Production: Arjun Kumar Films Production,  Pop Corn Pictures
Movie Duration/length:

Storyline: Romantic Thriller

Watch Official Trailer of Chapali Height 2 Nepali Movie:

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