Sunday, March 16, 2014

Priyanka Karki's Jholay

Jholay Poster
A Dark Comedy - Jholay
Jholay is a dark Comedy movie based on some true events. In this movie Priyanka Karki (Kamala) plays the role of a prostitute girl. There is always some reason for the grils to take such profession for living and the film tries to show the positive side of the girls who are working in such professions with additional humor.

Released Date: February 21, 2014, Falgun 9 2070 B.S.

Cast: Daya Hang Rai, Priyanka karki, A. Gurung, Sisir Rana, Shankar Acharya, Madhav Acharya, Prasant
Genre: Dark Comedy
Written By (Script): Shan Basnyat
Cinematography: Purushottam Pradhan

Action: Surya Thokkar
Music: Hari Lamsal, Anupam Sharma

Produced By: Teken Khadka
Directed By: Dipendra K. Khanal
Production: Asma Films Pvt. Ltd.

Total gross collection of JHOLAY in Nepal in 10 days is 93 Lakhs. This movie American show License is already sold. Jholay has been able to collect the amount in crores in 14 days and has become the 3rd movie in the nepalese cinema industry to reach crore income in 2070 B.s. after Chha Ekan Chha and Jhola.

To Watch Full Nepali Movie Jholay click on the link "Full Nepali Movie Jholay in Youtube"

Watch Official Trailer of Jholay:

Watch Jholay Song "Bom Bom Bhole":


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