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Mala Subba - A Short Biography

Mala Subba Nepali Actress
Mala Subba is a model turned nepali actress and she is appearing in the the movie "One Way" which is releasing on February 13, 2015 [Falgun 1, 2071 B.S] Mala will be acting opposite debut actor Siddartha Gurung. Mala was selected by director Suraj Subba for One Way. The Singaporre born and raised actress Mala has some difficulty in speaking nepali language fluently but she is making improvement on it. She is a fan of bollywood actor Salman Khan and she has a dream to do an item dance with Salman Khan.

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Age: 23 Years

Interesting Fact about Mala Subba:
Her family member's name resembles with the name of the existing actor/actress.
Sister's name : Mamata and Dimple
Brother's name: Salman

Music Videos Played by Mala Subba:

  1. Vanna Aaudaina  - Naren Limbu
  2. Biswasghat - Rampuri Ft. Manis
  3. Oye Maichyang - Amir Sheakh
  4. Simsime Pani - Amul Sherchan

Movies by Mala Subba/Limbu:

  1. Goodbye Kathmandu
  2. One Way

Watch Mala Subba's dance in the song Udreko Choli at INFA Awards 2014 Hongkong:

Some Pictures of Mala Subba:
Mala Subba Preformance
Mala Subba performing at INFA Awards 2014 - Hongkong

Mala Subba Selfie
Mala Subba Selfie

To stay connected with Mala Subba follow her at Official Facebook Page of Mala Limbu:

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