Thursday, September 15, 2016


Gaatho Nepali Movie

From the director of "Maun" and "Hostel Returns" here comes Gaatho by Suraj Bhushal. Gaatho is the story of a silent painter Samrat (Nazir Husen) and a psychology student Namrata Shrestha who wants to discover Samrat for her thesis. Abhay Baral can be seen as a Paint Store owner who helps Namrata to meet Nazir.

Release Date: Bhadra 31, 2072 B.S., [Sep 16, 2016]

Cast: Najir Husen, Abhay Baral, Namrata Shrestha
Genre: Drama
Cinematography: Narendra Mainali

Story: Suraj Bhushal
Music: Anupam Sharma
Screenplay:  Suraj Bhushal, Pratik Gurung
Produced By: Tilak Bahadur Chhetri, Suraj Bhusal
Directed By: Suraj Bhusal

Production: Butwal Entertainment
Movie Duration/length:


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