Saturday, June 6, 2015


Sushri Nepali movie
Comdey Drama - Sushree
Known as Nepali Angelina Jolie - Ashika Tamang is debuting via the new nepali movie Sushree starring Aaryan Sigdel. Sushree is directed by Shivam Adhikari and is made under the actress Ashika's own home production - Ashika Films. Aaryan Sigdel will be seen in a comedy role in this movie for the first time in his acting career.

Tentative Release Date: Kartik 3, 2072 B.S. [October 20, 2015 A.D.]

Cast: Aaryan Sigdel, Ashika Tamang, Surbina Karki

Ashika Tamang in Action
Ashika Tamang in a movie scene.

Genre: Comedy , Drama
Cinematography: Rameshwor Karki
Music: Basanta Sapkota, Subash Bhushal

Produced By: Atmaram Thapa
Directed By: Shivam Adhikari

Production: Ashika Films


Watch Official Trailer of Sushree:
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