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Karkash Movie Review

Karkash is a movie worth watching with some good performance by few of the actors. It is a story of three friends Andy (Dayahang Rai), sandesh (Raymond Das Shrestha) and Prabhat (Satya Raj Acharya) who forms a rock band called Karkash. They practice in a small room of Thamel. Andy lives as a tenant who easily gets sexually attracted to girls. Sandesh a butcher's (Rajendra Khadgi) son is a drunkard. stutterer Prabhat likes a girl from his neighbourhood and is quite rational and honest among the three. They dream high but live a difficult life until Evan (Suraj Singh Thakuri) joins the band as a new vocalist, who turns out to be a drug addict.

Karkash Band Members
Three Band Members of the Movie: Satya Raj Acharya,
Dayahang Rai and Raymond Das Shrestha (from left to right)

Dayahang Rai and Satya Raj Acharya stands out in the movie. Singer turned actor Satya Raj Acharya can emote very well. He gets into the skin of the character who stutterers but is passionate about music. Dayahang Rai's accent with witty dialogues and humourour character will make you laugh every time he appears on the screen. Raymong Das Shrestha with the Newari accent is hilarious. Suraj Singh Thakuri - a VJ turned actor makes a quite significant presence in the first half of the movie but he almost disappears in the second half. His presence is noticeable and convinces you with his aggressive young man's image in few scenes. However it seems like he is hosting a programme like an emcee during few dialogue deliveries.

Karkash Movie
Karkash Released on 14th June 2013

A sad story of struggle of poor youth has been presented comically with hilarious and witty dialogues which will make you laugh till the end ofthe movie. Since the movie is about music, you will find the lead actors playing drums and guitars.

Background music by Tsujil Karmacharya suits the tone of the film while the number Taremam (by Karma Band)  stays in your memory while you come out of the theatre. Happy Watching.

"The word Karkash in Nepali means some sound that is not pleasant to ears however the movie provides a pleasant comic relief to viewers".
Here is a short clip of the Karkash movie review from the viewers:

Some Photos:
Harshika shrestha
Actress Harshika Shrestha
Dayahand Rai
Actor Dayahang Rai
Harshika Shrestha and Suraj Singh Thakuri
Harshika Shrestha and Suraj Singh Thakuri
Karkash Band
Karkash - The Band
Note: Pictures are taken from the Karkash Official Facebook page

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