Monday, November 12, 2012

Karkash new movie release for 2013

Karkash Movie Poster
Karkash - Upcoming Nepali Movie for 2013

Tentative Release Date: June 14, 2013 Jyestha 31, 2070 B.S.

Suraj Singh Thakuri: One of the most Popular Vjs of Nepal in his acting debut in nepali Movie.
Dayahang Rai:
Satya Raj Acharya: Acting as a Lead Guitarist of a Band in this movie
Remandas Shrestha

Genre: Dark Humor

Written By (Script): Asif Shah and Abhinav Shah

Cinematography: Susan Prajapati

Produced By: Asim Shah

Directed By: Asif Shah

Production: G21 Production Pvt. Ltd.

Storyline: Related to Musical Band members and their performance.

Watch Full Nepali Movie Karkash on Youtube below:

Watch Official Trailer:


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