Friday, November 9, 2012

Dr Khatey New Nepali Movie 2012 poster and trailer

Dr. Khatey Nepali Movie Poster
Dr. Khatey New Nepali Movie Poster
Release Date: To be released abroad first. Releasing in Nepal soon.

Samrat Sapkota, Bijaya Deuja and Roshani KC

Written By (Script): Ravi R. Aryal

Music: Sachin Singh

Singer: Yogeshwor Amatya

Produced By: Roshani KC (She is an actress turned Producer)

Directed By: Ravi R. Aryal

Production: Dreamworks Entertainment

Movie Duration/length: 110 minutes

Storyline: Dr. Khate is all about life of street children (Khate). This nepali movie tries to showcase the plights of Street children and it is influenced by a real story. Dr. Khatey is shooted at Kaski and Kathmandu.
Basically focused on the rights of the street children, the movie is based on a studious village boy who wants to be a doctor. After his mother's death he is taken away to town for his education but he is violated in the social activists house due to which he runs away to street and makes new friends at street. He does not get much support from his friends in achieving his goal to be a doctor. Instead his friends discourages him by saying that it is impossible for an urchin to become a doctor. One of his friends dies to to the use of excess drugs. Later they all promise to work hard and help their friend to be a doctor.

Watch Movie Trailer:

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