Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mayas Bar Nepali Movie Released on August 2012

Mayas Bar Nepali Movie Poster
Mayas Bar Nepali Movie Poster

Released Date: August 03, 2012 world wide

Rajesh Hamal. karishma Manandhar, Nisha Adhikari, Gajit Bista (First runner up of "Khoji Prativako"- a telent show in his debut Nepali movie)

Genre: Love Story

Cinematography: Purshottam Pradhan

Action: NB Maharjan

Music: Suresh Adhikari

Produced By: Sunil Manandhar

Directed By: Dinesh DC (His third Directoral venture)

Production: Shree Ram Balaji Films Pvt. Ltd.

Maya's bar tries to showcase the tension and struggle in life after a love marriage where karishma Manandhar (as Riya) and Nisha Adhikari (as Maya) are struggling for happiness by working as a dancer in a Putalisadak based dance bar.

Movie Characters:
Rajesh Hamal: For the first time Rajesh Hamal is acting in a negative role as a businessman. He owns the Maya's bar and organises boxing.
Nisha Adhikari and Karishma Manandhar: As a bar girl
Gajit Bista: Fighter at a fight club.

Watch Official Trailer:

Title Song:


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