Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Nepali Movie 2012 Dabdaba Featuring Komal Oli

Dabdaba Nepali Movie Poster
Poster of New Nepali Movie Dabdaba 

Tentative Release Date: December 28, 2012

Komal Oli: Popular Nepali Singer debuting in Nepali Movie as an actress. She was also a popular journalist earlier.
Bishal Pokhrel
Aarzoo Adhikari
Ganesh Upreti
Subash Chandra Karki
Birash Babu Shahi

Dabdaba Nepali Movie Poster
Popular Nepali Singer Komal Oli debuting in Nepali Movie Dabdaba

Genre: Psycho Crime Thriller

Written By (Script): M.S. Agraj

Cinematography: Rajiv Manandhar

Screenplay: M.S. Agraj

Action: Dev Maharjan

Music: Yadav Yogi

Produced By: Ratna Prasad Shrestha

Directed By: M.S. Agraj

Production: Punam Films Production

Dabdaba Poster
Dabdaba Nepali Film - Revenge creates crime

Storyline: Based on a real story, Dabdaba is a crime thriller movie based on the current situation of nepali youths.

Watch Official Trailer of Dabdaba Nepali Movie:

Watch Official Movie Song by Komal Oli and Ramchandra kafle:


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