Friday, November 16, 2012

First Love Nepali Movie of 2010

First Love Movie Poster
First Love Nepali Movie 2010
Released Date: August 6th 2010
Nisha Adhikari
Reecha Sharma
Aryan Sigdel
Vinay Shrestha

Genre: Love, Romance

Written By (Script): Prachanda Shrestha

Cinematography: Hari Humagain

Action: Rajkumar Uprety

Satya Sworop
Surendra Man Singh

Produced By: Madhav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan

Directed By: Simosh Sunuwar(Mission Paisa)

Production: Princess Movies Pvt. Ltd.

A nepali movie about friendship, love, sacrifice and compromise between the college students of Nepal.

Movie Characters: Nisha Adhikari (as Aabha) and Reecha Sharma (as Neetu) as a college freshers
Aryan Sigdel as AAyush
Karma as Gaurav
Vinay Shrestha as Rohan
Namrata Shrestha: Guest Appearance as an RJ.

Watch Official Trailer of First Love Nepali Movie:

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