Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kollywood New Nepali Movie 2012

Kollywood - New Nepali Movie releasing December 2012

Tentative Release Date: December 28, 2012.[Initially Published]
Shooting is over and will Premier sooner.

Release date of "Kollywood" has been shifted to January 18, 2013 since another movie "Dhanda" by Sudarshan karki is also releasing on the same date (December 28, 2012). Besides this "Kollywood" is going to be showcased in Doha, Qatar on January 04, 2013 as a Charity show. [Updated, December 09, 2012]

Kollywood is going to be premiered in Doha Qatar on January 11 2013 [Updated, January 04, 2013]

Released on January14 2013 (Magh 1, 2069) at Pokhara, Narayanghat and some Eastern region of Nepal.

Aryan Sigdel
Priyanka Karki
Payal Thapa
Bishnu karki
Subrat Acharya
Navaraj Acharya

Aryan Sigdel - Actor of Kollywood
Priyanka Karki - Actress of Kollywood

Story: Navaraj Acharya

Written By (Script): Brajesh Khanal/Anup Sapkota

Cinematography: Hari Humagain
Priyanka karki with Cinematographer of Kollywood
Cinematographer Hari Humagain with Actress Priyanka Karki

Screenplay: Anup Sapkota, Pradeep Bastola, Navaraj Acharya

Action: Asta Maharjan

Music: Pradeep Bastola

Singers: Indira Joshi, Suwani Moktan, Shreya Sotang, Pradeep Bastola

Produced By: Kumar Khadka

Directed By: Navaraj Acharya - Has a 14 years of experience.

Production: Leko Films

Storyline: This nepali movie is based on the struggle of the nepali movie artists in the Nepali film industry.

To watch full nepali movie Kollywood, click on the link: "Full Nepali Movie Kollywood in Youtube"

Watch Official Trailer of Kollywood Nepali Movie:

Watch Movie Song "Love at First Sight" from Kollywood: [Updated Dec 18, 2012]

Watch "Kali kali" Song from Kollywood:


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