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New nepali movie "Dhanda" releasing December 2012

Dhanda Poster
Poster of new nepali movie DHANDA

Tentative Release Date: December 28, 2012
Released on: December 28, 2012 All over Nepal
Dhanda movie got an adult A certificate from Nepal Censor Board on December 18, 2012.
Dhanda is an average nepali movie but a must watch movie. Arpan Thapa's acting in this movie is superb who has a dream to go abroad to earn money and secure his future. Betrayal from the Manpower agency and his own MaMa (Uncle) makes him suffer upto coma. After semi recovering from coma, he escapes from the hospital to take revenge with everyone involved in breaking his dreams.

Dhanda Screening date and venue in UK
Aldershot Show
Venue: Princes Hall, Aldershot
Date: Saturday, 12 January
Time: 1700 – 21oo
Tickets: To Be Confirmed

London Show
Venue: Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow (TW3 1ES)
Date: Sunday, 13 January
Time: 1330 Onwards
Tickets: £10

Arpan Thapa: He had also acted in the nepali movie "Sick City" and "Batch No. 16". In this movie he acts as a teacher who tries to go abroad for his better future.
Suman KC
Kamal Mani Nepal
Puskar Gurung
Dhurba Koirala
Kamala regmi
Subekshya Thapa
Basanta Bhatta
Dil Bhusan Pathak: A journalist acting as a doctor in this movie.
Ronish Boss

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama
Cinematography: Deepak Bajrcharya, Bishnu Kalpit
Story and Screenplay: Arpan Thapa

Dialogue: Sudarsan Thapa, Suraj Bhushal, Arpan Thapa
Music: Sugam Pokharel, Band of Generation
Background Music: Tsujil Karmacharya
Action: Shankar Maharjan
Produced By: Baburam Dahal, Sudarshan Thapa
Directed By: Sudarshan Thapa. Some other nepali movies directed by Sudarshan Thapa inludes "Mero Auta Sathi Chha (2010)", "Ke yo Maya Ho?" and "Mero Love Story (2011)".
Production: Friday Films
Associate Director: Suraj Bhushal

Showcases the true story of young Nepali people who dream. Dhanda is a story of a guy who loses his self-esteem during the rush towards pursuing his dreams by migrating abroad. After couple of weeks waking up in the hospital he loses his sanity and finds himself remodeled. Only things that has left him from head to toe is
the stitches, lost hope and betrayal as he cannot escape from his past and no hope from the future. The movie tries to solve the mystery of his catastrophe.

Watch Official Trailer:

Watch Dhanda Promotional Song by Sugam Pokharel:


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