Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Safe Landing Upcoming Nepali Movie Poster Released

Safe Landing Movie Poster
Jharana bajracharya in Action - "Safe Landing" Upcoming Nepali Movie
Based on drugs, mafia and gangster world, the movie Safe Landing is already released in Australia and New Zealand.

Tentative Release Date: 2013 (In few months). Currently undergoing Post Production in Malaysia)
Release Date in Nepal: 19th June 2015 (Ashar 04, 2072 B.S.)

Jharana Bajracharya: Featured as a police Officer
Niraj Baral
Sushil Pandey
Deepshikha Shah
Sumina Ghimire

Genre: Action

Music: Rajan Ishan

Action: Himal KC

Cinematography: John Jakov

Produced By: Basanta Bhandari(An Australian NRN-Non Resident Nepali), Rahul Agrawal

Directed By: Sandeep Joseph (A Malaysian director)

This upcoming nepali movie is going to be made on the story of drug mafia with Jharana Bajracharya as police inspector and Niraj Baral as a gangster.


Some Posters from the movie "Safe Landing":

Safe Landing Poster
Poster of 'Safe Landing' Nepali Movie

Safe Landing - Niraj Baral
Niraj Baral as a gangster in "Safe Landing" upcoming nepali movie
Safe Landing Jharana Bajracharya
Jharana Bajracharya as a police inspector in "Safe Landing"

Niraj Baral - Safe Landing
Niraj Baral in a negative role - Safe Landing upcoming Nepali movie

Watch Official Trailer:

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