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Youngest Director in the World for the movie "Love You Baba"

Love You Baba Nepali Movie Poster
Love You Baba
Love You baba is the nepali movie directed by the youngest director of the world Mr. Saugat Bista who is just 8 years old. In the guinness world records, currently the youngest film director is listed as an Indian director Kishan Srikanth who was just 9 years old when he directed the movie. Once "Love You Baba" gets released and his claim in the Guiness World Record gets accepted, Saugat will become the youngest film director in the world officially.

See Saugat's name at the Guiness World Records as Youngest Film Director for his movie "Love You Baba".

"Love you Baba" shows the love of a father and a daughter who doesn't have a mother. It shows the struggle of a father who raises his 10 years old daughter in the absence of her mother.

Tentative Released Date: December 12, 2014 [Mangsir 26, 2071 B.S.]

Saugat Bista
Youngest Director in the world - Saugat Bista

Cast: Gajit Bista, Nishma Ghimire, Ashishma Nakarmi, Sangam Bista, Nirmal Sharma (known as Gainda of Teeto Satya)
Genre: Drama
Story: Gajit Bista
Cinematography: Gamvir Bista
Screenplay/Dialogue: Gamvir Bista
Music: Satya Swaroop, Dipak Sharma, Pradeep Bastola
Action: Chandra Pant

Produced By: Samjhana Pokharel
Directed By: Saugat Bista

Production: Dance Fever (Rhythm of Soul)
Movie Duration/length:

Storyline: Love story of a father and a daughter

Watch Official Trailer of Love You Baba:

Making of Love You Baba (Must Watch 8 years old director Saugat Bista in action):

Watch Movie Title Song of "Love You Baba":

Watch Movie Song "Gadi Nai Ho Jindagi Goodi Rahancha":

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