Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Aavash Nepali Movie Poster
Aavash - New Nepali Movie 2015

Aavash is a new nepali romantic movie directed by Surendra Poudel. It is the story of a new generation love that showcases the psychology of youngsters towards their relationship.In the movie Aavash, Prakriti Shrestha (as Rabina) dumps the true love of Samyam Puri (as Aayam) to marry an NRN. Prakriti Shrestha's another movie Zindagi rocks is all set to release on January 2, 2014. Her previous popular movie is Hostel  playing opposite to Anmol KC.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Alvida New Nepali Movie 2015

Alvida movie poster
Aaryan Sigdel, Hassan Khan, Anita Acharya in ALVIDA 2015
Actor/Story/Producer Hassan Raza Khan's new nepali movie alvida is releasing on January 9, 2015 [Poush 25, 2071 B.S.]. Alvida features Aaryan Sigdel, Hassan Khan, Anita Acharya, Narendra Rijal etc. Alvida is a romantic traingular love story action movie where Aaryan Sigdel will be seen in a full action. Actor Hassan Khan is a Muslim in real life but he will be seen as a Hindu follower in the movie whereas Aaryan Sigdel will be prtraying a Muslim follower. Most of the movie scenes are shot in the terai region of Nepal and the story of  the movie is all about the love of a rugged young boy who rules the locales of Siraha. When he falls in love with a girl from different social background, his life comes at stake.

Anmol KC - A Short Biography

Anmol KC
Anmol KC
Among the young generation, Anmol KC is no doubt the most liked superstar of nepali movie industry. Anmol KC is the son of actor Bhuwan KC and Sushmita KC. Having his father in the same industry, Anmol got a slight advantage to indulge into nepali movie industry. Anmol did the first guest appearance in the nepali moive "Sathi Ma Timro" which was Bhuwan KC's home production. Later Anmol debuted via the movie Hostel which became a super hit and Anmol KC got popular as well. His latest movie Jerryy is yet another blockbuster movie which was  loved and liked by a huge nepali audience. Jerryy was able to collect 2 crore in just 2 weeks in the box office. His next movie will be Gangster Blues and Karodpati 2.

Hobbies: Coin Collection, Travelling (Visited 30 countries till date), Visiting Old age homes and orphanages

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dayahang Rai's Ichhya

Ichhya Movie Poster
Marriage should be done by one's own decision and desire rather than in their parent's opinion and pressure. This is what the new nepali movie Ichhya has to portray. Starring Dayahang Rai, Subash Thapa, Deepshikha Shahi, this movie is set to release on Jan 16, 2014. Most of the movie scenes are shot at Dang, Bhairahawa, Kathmandu and Dhukikhel.

Tentative Released Date: Jan 16 2015 (Magh 2 2071 B.S.)
Feb 20 2015 [ Falgun 8 2071 B.S. ]

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soul Sister

Soul Sister Nepali Movie poster
Namrata Shrestha's Production: Soul Sister
Modeling, RJ, Acting, Singing, running a restaurant and now she has taken one step ahead in the nepali movie industry. Yes, I am talking about Namrata Shrestha who is now into movie production with her own production company Highly High Entertainment and the movie is titled Soul Sister. She has chosen herself in the role of lead actress and Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Sharma, Shakuntala Baidhya, Rabina Deshraj Shrestha etc as the main roles. Soul Sister is a thriller movie with most scenes shot at Sikkim, India. One more interesting fact about this movie is that Raveena Deshraj Shrestha is making her appearance in the nepali movie industry via this movie. Well, Raveena Deshraj Shrestha has 20+ years of experience in Banking Sector  and she has also won the international award "21st Century Golden Phoenix Award" numerous entrepreneurs from 31 different countries. We appreciate her love and support for nepali movies.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mala New Nepali Movie 2015

Mala Poster
Mala - Thriller

Directed by Sudeep Bhupal Singh ("Bobbie") "Mala" is a suspense thriller nepali movie starring Priyanka karki and Aaryan Sigdel in lead roles. Actress Priyanka Karki says she has completely different character in this movie than what she has been doing previously. She is acting as a soul in this movie and scaring Aaryan Sigdel who will be seen as a doctor.

Tentative Released Date: February 20, 2015 [Falgun 8, 2071 B.S.]  Postponed to March 20 2015 [Chaitra 06, 2071 BS] on the day of Ghode Jatra

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tathastu Nepali Movie 2015

Tathastu Movie poster
Rekha Thapa is back in action with her nepali movie Tathastu all set to release on Poush 25, 2071 B.S. (January 09, 2015).

Cast: Rekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwada, Subash Thapa (Birkhe in Birkhelai Chinchas)
Genre: Action
Story: jagadishwor Thapa
Cinematography: Babu Shrestha
Music: Basanta Sapkota
Action: Roshan Shrestha

Produced By: Ramhari Dhital
Directed By: Shabir Shrestha

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gangster Blues - Anmol KC is out

Gangster Blue Nepali Movie
Anmol KC

After two successful movie Hostel and Jerryy, Anmol KC's next movie is going to be named as Gangster Blue in which Anmol will be seen in a negative role. This will be Anmol KC's third movie with director Hem Raj B.C. Hem Raj B.C's movie Sambodhan featuring Namrata Shrestha is also releasing on this January 2015. Regarding signing movie, Anmol is very selective and signs only those movies that suits him. He has cancelled around 16 movies before signing Jerryy. Hope this new nepali movie Gangster Blue has something that has attracted Anmol's attention and we are excited to see him in a new gangster attire.

The movie Gangster Blues is going to be shooted at Nepaljgunj, Rara Lake and Khaptad. This movie is all about how the youngsters of Nepal gets into the gangster life specially in Terai region of Nepal and what transformation it introduces in their family and love life.

New Actors for Gangster Blues: Anna Sharma, Aashirman Deshraj Joshi (Debut), Samyam Puri, Rojisha Shahi Thakuri (Debut), Pramod Agrahari, Gaurav Pahari

Tentative Release Date: Bhadra 2, 2074 B.S. [August 18, 2017]

Director: Hemraj B.C.
Producer : Saroj Neupane
Executive Producer: Manish Pandit

Official Trailer of Gangster Blues:

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