Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Soul Sister

Soul Sister Nepali Movie poster
Namrata Shrestha's Production: Soul Sister
Modeling, RJ, Acting, Singing, running a restaurant and now she has taken one step ahead in the nepali movie industry. Yes, I am talking about Namrata Shrestha who is now into movie production with her own production company Highly High Entertainment and the movie is titled Soul Sister. She has chosen herself in the role of lead actress and Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Sharma, Shakuntala Baidhya, Rabina Deshraj Shrestha etc as the main roles. Soul Sister is a thriller movie with most scenes shot at Sikkim, India. One more interesting fact about this movie is that Raveena Deshraj Shrestha is making her appearance in the nepali movie industry via this movie. Well, Raveena Deshraj Shrestha has 20+ years of experience in Banking Sector  and she has also won the international award "21st Century Golden Phoenix Award" numerous entrepreneurs from 31 different countries. We appreciate her love and support for nepali movies.

Tentative Released Date: January 15, 2015 [Magh 1 2071 BS]
Cast: Namrata Shrestha, Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Sharma, Shakuntala Baidhya, Raveena Deshraj Shrestha
Genre: Thriller
Namrata Shrestha during the Trailer Release Program

Raveena Deshraj Shrestha
Banker - Raveena Deshraj Shrestha
Story: Prashant Rasaily
Cinematography: ...

Produced By: Namrata Shrestha
Directed By: Prashant Rasaily

Production:  Highly High Entertainment
Movie Duration/length:


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