Monday, July 11, 2016

Ma Ta Timrai Hoon

Ma Ta Timrai Hoon - From Anmol Creations

"Ma Ta Timrai Hoon" is Anmol KC's first production under Anmol Creations in association with his mother Sushmita KC. Actress Sushmita KC will also appear in this movie after 5 years of long gap in this nepali movie. The movie will introduce some new faces to the audience namely Aakash Shrestha, Jyotsna Yogi, Jeevan Bhattarai, Anupam Shrestha, Sushan khadka. The movie is based on the love between a mother and her son.

Movie Locations: Ilam, Pokhara, Kathmandu, Delhi, Siliguri

Tentative Released Date: 22nd July 2016 [Shrawan 07, 2073 B.S.]

Jyotsna Yogi - A short Biography

Jyotsna Yogi
Original Photography 
'Bryan Rai'
Jyotsna Yogi, pretty, elegant and angelic born in Kathmandu is a nepali model and actress. Jyotsna started her acting career from Sushmita KC's movie "Ma Ta Timrai Hoon" in which she is appearing as a lead actress opposite to new actor Aakash Shrestha. The movie is releasing on Shrawan 7, 2073 B.S. Before landing into nepali movies, Jyotsna has done several music videos, adverts for NCell, Kuber Jewelers, NepaCrafts, Face of RedVelvet, Juju Wears Nepal, Yamaha Alpha, on Saya’s cover (novel) and she has also been featured on the cover of Vida Magazine, Wedding Bells, M&S (twice), White Tara, Barnan Cosmetics etc.

Jyotsna's hobbies include shooting, travelling a lot and she loves dogs. She is also fond of writing, specially in poetry. You can read her poems in her personal blog here: Jyotsna's Blog

Her best nepali actor and actress are Gaurav Pahari and Priyanka Karki. She also wants to work with Gaurav Pahari in future. Some of her best nepali movies include Kabaddi, Jhola, Gajalu and Zhigrana.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Lukamari - Released on June 24 2016

Based on the heartbreaking real story of Khyati Shrestha, the movie Lukamari is a social drama featuring Saugat Malla in a Madhesi look and Karma as a typical newar in Korean looks.According to the box office report of Nepal, Lukamari has collected gross amount of 35 Lakhs in 3 days from 20 different theaters.

Released Date:  June 24, 2016 [Ashad 10, 2073 B.S.]

Monday, July 4, 2016

Chapali Height 2

Chapali Height 2 Nepali Movie
Chapali Height 2 - Romantic Thriller

Chapali Height 2 is the sequel of sexual thriller movie Chapali Height which was released on 2012. This time the movie is based on romantic thriller and we can see new faces in the movie. The new actors are all from the modeling field.Taking about the director, Dipendra K. Khanal has recently directed Pashupati Prasad which has been very successful. His Previous movies include Jholay, Vigilante (3D Movie), Chapali Height etc.

Released Date: 19th August 2016 [Bhadra 3 2073 B.S.]

Watch Full Movie Chapali Height 2 Below:

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