Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hokse Poster
Hokse - The KIDNEY Village

Hokse is a nepali movie based on the true story of a village Hokse which is located at Kavrepalanchowk district. The village is known as Kidney village since human kidneys are being sold in this village. The people of this villge are too poor that they are forced to sell one of their kidneys at some point in thier life to earn money. The kidney traffickers are also convincing people to sell kidneys by makning fake statements that their kidney will grow back in few weeks. According to DailyMail, almost everyone of this village have sold their kidney's to organ traffickers.

Hope the movie brings awareness among people to know the importance of Kidneys. The people of Hokse village should be taught about this and we should also think of the alternative approaches to increase their source of income. More importantly Hokse is a part of Nepal and every nepali should be responsible for eradicating such wrong doing and do not allow it to spread further.

Bhale Fight

Bhale Fight Poster
Bhale Fight - A movie on Women Empowerment

"Behind every successful man there is a women." - This is the main theme of the movie. This movie focuses on social issues and the fact about the dominance faced by women in the society. Bhale Fight is a dream project of director Ashok Rai and his debut direction which has already gained much popularity and support from the audiences of Sydney and Melbourne.

Tentative Released Date: September 25, 2015 [Ashwin 8, 2072 B.S.]
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