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Jharana Bajracharya Nepali Actress

Jharana Bajcharya
Jharana Bajracharya Nepali Actress/Model

Born on: March 13, 1981 A.D., Kathmandu
Star Sign: Pisces
Height: 5' 5"
Marital Status:  Married on October 6 2007 with British citizen Warren Carrar
Crowned: Miss Nepal 1997 at the age of 16 and the first delegate from Nepal to Miss world.
Profession: Model, Actress, Brand Ambassador

Jharana Bajcharya
Jharana Bajcharya on WOW cover.

Music Videos by Jharana Bajracharya:
Jharana Bajracharya's first music video was in the song "Lakhaun Patak" by Nabin k. Bhattarai which was directed by Alok Nembhang. She has appeared in more than a dozen music videos directed by mostly Alok Nembhang.Some of the music videos played by Jharana Bajracharya are listed below:

2004: "Dubna Deu Malai" By Anil Singh.
2006: "Priye Timi" By Bijay Adhikari
2006: "Tapowan" By Jagdish
2007: "Dubna Deu" By Anil Singh.
2007: "Tum Sang Remix" (Hindi Song).
2007: "Binti cha hai" By Prakash Gurung (Gurung Song).
2009: "Na Birse Timilai" By ANju Panta
2009: "Laija re" by Hemant Rana
2012: "Manda Manda" By Manu Limbu
2012: "Prastab" By Amir Sheakh

Jharana Bajracharya
Photo by: Shashank Pradhan

As a Nepali Heroine, Jharana Bajracharya has acted in following nepali movies:
1997 Hatiyar Her Debut Nepali Movie with Karishma Manandhar and Rajesh Hamal
1998 Bhuttukai Bhaye Ni
2001 Siudo Ko Sindoor
2002 Anjuli
2002 Bhai Tika
2002 Mero Hajur
2003 Maya Garchu Ma
2003 Chahanchu Ma Timilai
2004 Love in Nepal Hindi - A Bollywood Movie
2004 Parenni Maya Jalaima -  This movie won the best story award in the Nepali Film Awards.
2004 Sanjeevani Filmed in Sikkim
2005 Pheri Arko Saino
2010 Kohi Mero
2013 Safe Landing - Upcoming Movie

Jharana Bajracharya appeared as a Brand Ambassador for Lux Soap in 2003 A.D. She had also teamed up with Rajesh Hamal to be the brand ambasssador for 2pm Noodles.

Besides these Jharana Bajracharya is also involved in fashion shows as a model. She has recently appeared in a nepali fashion show "Trendsetters, Redefining Nepali Fashion" at hotek Yak and Yeti Kathmandu Nepal.

Jharana Bajcharya
Jharana Bajcharya on a fashion show at Yak And Yeti Hotel

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