Thursday, December 27, 2012

Timile Diyeko Maya New Nepali Movie 2012

Timile Diyeko Maya Poster
Timile Diyeko Maya First Nepali Movie by SVM productions.
Timile Diyeko Maya was first screened as a Charity Show on August 9 2012. The money collected from the charity show was donated to the Nepal Korea friendship hospital Thimi.

Release Date: December 28 , 2012
Raj Timalsena, Neeta Dhungana, Subash Meche, Deechya Bhandari (Debut), Sunil Thapa
Written By (Script): Sunita Sharma
Cinematography: Shambhu Sapkota
Action: Ram Janak

Music: Mahesh Khadka
Produced By: Sunita Sharma (Social Worker), Reshu Dhungana
Directed By: Bijaya Kerung
Production: Surya Vinayak Movies Production - First venture of SVM Production
Storyline: Timile Diyeko Maya is based on some real social scenario which also tries to focus on the social work.

Watch Offcial Trailer of Timile Diyeko Maya:


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