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Shirish ko Phool Movie Version

Shirish Ko Phool Movie
Shirish Ko Phool - A novel turned movie
"Shirish Ko Phool" (Blue Mimosa) is a famous and one of the best selling novels written by "Parijat". The translated version of this novel is also inlcuded in the text book of University of Maryland USA. This popular novel is being converted into a nepali movie by a Japanese director Toshiki Itoh. After 4 years of production "Shirish ko phool " got premiered 3 months ago on September 02, 2012.

Tentative Release Date: May 03, 2013 - ( Baisakh 20, 2070 )

Ganesh Man Lama as Suyogbir (Runaway Soldier)
Sharmila Gurung as Shakambari
Jagat Rajthala as Shibaraj
Apsara Karki as Sanu
Santosh Lama

Saujanya Subba as Mujura
Sasundhara Bhusal
Late Gopal Bhutani

Written By (Script): Toshiaki Itoh

Cinematography: Gauri Shanker Dhunju

Screenplay: Narayan Raj Panda, Toshiaki Itoh

Directed By: Toshiaki Itoh - A japanese national who also has directed another nepali movie "kathputali".

Those who have read "shirish ko Fool" novel would be able to visualize the novel characters through this movie. Shiris ko fool is basically a story of a runaway soldier(Suyogbir) during the World War 2nd who is attracted by a a girl (Shakambari) 16 years younger than him.

Watch Official Trailer:


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