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Producer Nepali Movie With Trailer 2013

Producer Nepali Movie
Filmmakers Story - Producer (2013)
Producer is a new Nepali movie directed by Janak Deep Parajuli. This nepali movie showcases the situation of the filmmakers in the Nepali movie industry. The struggle made by the filmmakers i.e director, producer, actor/actress and production manager in making a Nepali film is presented in this movie. "Producer" has recently got an Universal U certificate from the Nepal Censor Board.

Tentative Release Date: July/August 2013 - Shrawan 2070 B.S.
Revised Release Date: 31st Jan 2014 - Magh 17, 2070 B.S.

Babu Bogati: As a Director
Shyam Rai: As A Producer
Shyam Aryal: As a Hero
Wilson BIkram Rai: As a Production Manager
Sweta Bhattarai: As a Heroine

Story: Kiran Michael
Cinematography: Sagar Pradhan
Action: Roshan Shrestha
Music: Rahul Pradhan, Suresh Rai, Kiran Michele

Produced By: Rajkumar Rai
Directed By: Janak Deep Parajuli
Production: R.C. Production & The media's Collection

Storyline: Story of nepali film makers

Watch Official Trailer of "Producer" Movie:

Official Youtube:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dhuwani New Nepali Movie 2013 first look

Dhuwani Movie Poster
Dhuwani A film based on Human Trafficking

Dhuwani is a new nepali movie by Pitamber Pandey who has also previously directed the movie "Batch No. 16" back in 2011 A.D. This nepali movie is based on the girl trafficking in Nepal. The poster and first look promo of "Dhuwani"  was released by the CNN hero and Maiti Nepal's owner Anuradha Koirala. Many Charity Shows of this movie has been planned for future but the release date has not been flashed yet.

Watch Full Nepali Movie Dhuwani on Youtube here: Dhuwani Full Nepali Movie

Tentative Released Date: 13th September 2013 (Bhadra 28, 2070 B.S.).
Cast: Kishor Khatiwada, Prabin Khatiwada, Dhiren Raj Thapa, Anuja Gayak, Sagun Shahi, Udaya Ali, Haroon Ali, Kaka Ali, Milan Sijapati, Archana Dellala
Genre: Drama
Story: Pitambar Pandey

Cinematography: Purushottam Pradhan
Action: Dev Maharjan
Screenplay: Pitambar Pandey
Music: Hari Lamsal

Produced By: Manjil Shrestha
Directed By: Pitambar Pandey
Associate Director: Suraj Bhushal
Production: Kabita Films
Storyline: A film based on human trafficking.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Search of Education - A Nepali Documentary Film

In Search Of Education Poster
In Search of Education - Shiksha ko Khoj (Photo Source:
"In search of Education" is a nepali documentary film directed by LION Jiban Bhatarai back in 2010 A.D. Dedicated to the people of Karnali zone and students of Nepal, this documentary focuses on the problems faced by the students, teachers and parents of Karnali region and advocated the need of serious improvement and update on Nepalese education system.

A special charity show of the documentary "In Search of Education" is being organised by the Leo District Council Nepal on Saturday  April 06, 2013.

Details of the Charity show is below:
Venue: Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute, Banasthali, Kathmandu
Ticket Price: NRS. 200
Show Time: 9 a.m., 12 noon, 3 pm, 5 pm.
For Bookings: Contact Leo Prithul Jung Karki at cell no: 9841294050

Leo District Council will also organize the program to handover the collected books and stationary to establish libraries at Karnali in partnership with Shiksha Nepal.

There will be presence of various notable celebrities in this event. The part of the fund collected from this event will be used for the Harmony Himalayan International Leo Youth Camp and Sailung School Library Campaign.

Released Date: 2010 A.D.
Genre: Documentary
Cinematography: Binod Karki
Music: Kutumb Band
Directed By: Jiban Bhattrai (He is a member of Lions Club of Nepal and directs documentary films, ad flms and short films.) His first short movie "Petrol" was awarded with the title of Best Short Film of the Year 2008 organized by Film Journalist Association of Nepal.

Production: East Channel (
Movie Duration/length:

Child in Karnali Region
A local Child from Karnali
"In Search of Education" presents the history of educational system in Nepal along with the development of education in Nepal with political changes in different epochs of time.

This documentary specifically includes the heart-rending incidents that have occurred in the Karnali region due to economic motives. At the same time this film also puts 'when' question on the origin and development of Nepali language used as the national language. It also records the introduction of the first school in Karnali
region.The film highlights the geographical and socio-economic condition of Karnali zone as the direct impact on the education system: the majority of school students in search of 'Yarchagumba' (Cordyceps sinensis fungus) in the Himalayan area alone or accompanied by their parents, life threatening accidents like avalanche met by them in search of their income generation, various hindrances in the academic setting of Karnali and the pain felt by entire Karnali dwellers. Despite all these, their love and attachment to the importance of education is the moral advice that this film seek to endow upon its audiences.

Watch "In Search of Education" Promo Video:

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