Sunday, April 28, 2013

Producer Nepali Movie With Trailer 2013

Producer Nepali Movie
Filmmakers Story - Producer (2013)
Producer is a new Nepali movie directed by Janak Deep Parajuli. This nepali movie showcases the situation of the filmmakers in the Nepali movie industry. The struggle made by the filmmakers i.e director, producer, actor/actress and production manager in making a Nepali film is presented in this movie. "Producer" has recently got an Universal U certificate from the Nepal Censor Board.

Tentative Release Date: July/August 2013 - Shrawan 2070 B.S.
Revised Release Date: 31st Jan 2014 - Magh 17, 2070 B.S.

Babu Bogati: As a Director
Shyam Rai: As A Producer
Shyam Aryal: As a Hero
Wilson BIkram Rai: As a Production Manager
Sweta Bhattarai: As a Heroine

Story: Kiran Michael
Cinematography: Sagar Pradhan
Action: Roshan Shrestha
Music: Rahul Pradhan, Suresh Rai, Kiran Michele

Produced By: Rajkumar Rai
Directed By: Janak Deep Parajuli
Production: R.C. Production & The media's Collection

Storyline: Story of nepali film makers

Watch Official Trailer of "Producer" Movie:

Official Youtube:

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