Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kara New Nepali Movie

KARA Wallpaper Poster
KARA - Upcoming Nepali Movie Poster

KARA is based on the war victims of a decade long civil war in the country. A story of two kids Kaju and Jun whose father was missing during the conflict in the country. Jun can talk with birds and hence keeps on asking for help to find their missing father. On the meantime they find a lost squab under a tree whose parents are also missing and they decide to find the parents of the squab which leads them on a innocent journey.

Tentative Released Date: Not Flashed Yet
Cast: Praveg Pandey, Snabu Neupane, Manju Giri, Amitesh Shah, Anjan Sharma

Genre: Light Thriller

Written By (Script): Keshav Padey
Cinematography: Devendra Golatkar a graduate from Film andTelevision institute of India (FTTI)
Music: Anmol Bhave

Produced By: Ashok Sharma, Mahesh Dawadi, Krishna Paudel, Rupendra Wagle
Directed By: Keshav Pandey - a graduate from Film and Television institute of india (FTTI)
Production: Cinema Door

KARA - Upcoming Nepali Movie 2013
Watch Official Trailer of KARA:


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