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Chapali Height Nepali Controversial Movie 2012

Chapali Height Movie Poster
Chapali Height Nepali Movie 2012 Poster

Chapali Height is a  nepali movie based on the sex psychology which is found to be the most sensual movie in the nepali film industry till date. This movie is shot at Chapali Height Area Kathmandu and is based on a true story. This movie has received an Adult Certificate as well.

Released Date: March 16 2012

Binita Baral: She became popular after playing in this movie and people know her with the name of "Chapali Girl".
Amir Gautam
Raj Ghimire

Amir Gautam and Binita Baral
Actor Amir Gautam and Actress Binita Baral

Raj Ghimire and Binita Baral
Actor Raj Ghimire and Actress Binita Baral
Genre: Sexual Thriller, Adult, Love Story

Story/Dialogues: Deependra K. Khanal

Cinematography: Niraj kandel

Screenplay: Deependra K. Khanal, Niranjan Pandey, Sarwapratik Shrestha

Action: Surya Thokar

Music: Arjun Kumar

Produced By: Arjun Kumar

Directed By: Dipendra k. Khanal

Production: Asma Films and Rajdhani Media

The movie starts with a young couple who decides to elope from Pokhara to kathmandu to start a new begining and stays at a close friends place in Chapali Height Kathmandu. When sexual desire gets ugly out of their emotions, things go off their hopes.

Controversies of "Chapali Height" Nepali Movie:
Its Movie poster was copied from popular Hollywood Movie "Basic Instinct".(1992)
Nepali Police made an objection to the hoarding boards of this movie due to sexually explicit content used.

Watch Official Trailer of Chapali Height Nepali Movie:


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