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Full Stop Binita Baral's Second Nepali Movie 2012

Full Stop Nepali Movie Poster
Full Stop Nepali Movie 2012 Poster

Released Date: August 31, 2012

Sabin Shrestha
Binita baral: Known as Chapali Girl due to her popular movie "Chapali Height". This is her second movie in nepali film industry.
Actress Binita Baral in shooting
Binita Baral during shooting of Full Stop
Full Stop Nepali movie has got an adult certificate and may not be suitable for the audience below 16 years of age.

Genre: Suspense Thriller
Written By (Script): Kamal Krishna

Cinematography: Krishna Shrestha

Screenplay: Nams

Action: Chandra Pant

Music: Kamal Krishna

Full Stop Nepali Movie Poster
Full Stop Poster
Produced By: Mohan Krishna Shrestha, Benijyoti Gubhaju, Gajendra Ranjit

Directed By: Kamal Krishna Paudel

Production: Mata Manakamana Production (P) Ltd.

Movie Character:
Sabin Shrestha as Abhi (Lead Character)
Binita Baral as Prachi

Full Stop Nepali Movie Poster
Full Stop Movie Poster
Story of Freinds and their college life, Love Marriage, After marriage kidnappings, Killings of members of gangs of Abhi, Suspense behind the killer, curiosity etc.

Watch Official Trailer of Full Stop Nepali Movie:

Watch Movie Song Timi maana Ya Namaana:


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