Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter - new nepali Film of 2012 released on October 5

Letter Nepali Movie Poster
Poster of Nepali flm "Letter"

Released Date: October 5, 2012

Uttam Pradhan who debuted from the Blockbuster movie "Darpan Chaya"
Bishal Chambling
Annie Zimba (Her Debut in nepali Film)
Niti Rai

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Cinematography: Sagar Pradhan

Screenplay/Story: Samten Bhutia

Music: Satya Swaroop

Produced By: Anup Thatal

Directed By: Samten Bhutia. He was born in Sikkim and this is his debut nepali film.

Production: FLying Fish Films

Storyline: Story about a Serial Killer. "Letter" is Shot in Sikkim and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Letter Nepali Movie Poster
Nepali Film Letter Release on October 5


Watch Movie Trailer:

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