Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchhu - New Nepali Movie 2017

Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchhu Nepali Movie
Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchhu

Director Sudarshan Thapa has announced a new nepali movie "Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchhu" starring Paul Shah and Pooja Sharma. The movie title has been selected from the title song of the movie "Prem Geet" - Ma yesto Geet Gaunnchu".

Director Sudarshan Thapa has worked with Actress Pooja Sharma in some other movies such as Madhumas (2013), Chankhe Sankhe Pankhe (2015), Prem Geet (2016).

Tentative Released Date: 2017

Cast: Paul Shah, Pooja Sharma, Saroj Khanal, Nabin Manandhar

Story: Sudarshan Thapa
Music: Arjun Pokhrel
Produced By:
Directed By: Sudarshan Thapa

Movie Duration/length:


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