Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fake Nepali Celebrity Facebook Pages - How to Determine it?

Reecha Sharma
Most Nepali celebrity pages seems to be fake and just a copy of the original pages. Be aware of those fake pages and do not like them. Today I am going to list out some of the fake pages of Nepali Actresses/Actors that exists on Facebook and would like to request you all to list all the fake pages you know in the comments section below. I will be adding them in the list below so that people would know that these pages are fake. Also do report any fake pages on facebook and help build a genuine nepali movie community on facebook.

How to determine if the facebook page of celebrity is fake?

Although its difficult to determine which facebok page is fake and which is not, I would like to list some of the points here that would help you to know which pages are fake and which are not.
  • Before liking any celebrity facebook page, see the date when the facebook pages was created by visiting that page and scrolling down in the timeline. If the celebrity facebook page has been created just few days/months ago, then its obvious that the page is fake since most nepali celebrities create the facebook page when they enter into the respective field. For new celebrities this case may not be applicable.
  • See the frequency of the posts in the page. If the page contains too many posts greater than 5/10 per day then it has a greater probability that its a fake page.
  • Before liking any celebrity facebook page, search the celebrity with his/her name in the facebook search. You might see a lot of facebook pages in the name of that celebrity. See all those pages in different browser tab. See the posts on those pages one by one and compare with another page. If the posts are same/similar then check the date/time when the post was made in each page. The post with the oldest date is the genuine one. This means that the original page shares the genuine content at first so the date will be earlier and other fake facebook pages just copy it and post on their timeline.
  • Some Nepali Actresse such as Namrata Shrestha, Keki Adhikari, Priyanka Karki, Rekha Thapa have a verified facebook page so its easy to determine the fake pages of these actresses. Verified facebook pages have a tick mark just after the name. Don't forget to hover on the tick mark to see the "Verified Page" text as shown below. Please note that the "Verified Page" text will only appear on mouse hover on the tick mark.

Example of a facebook verified page
Facebook Verified Page with an icon on the right


  • Akesha Bista Fake Page
  • Rajesh Hamal Fake Page
  • Gangster Blue Fake Page:
  • Prakriti Shrestha Fake Page
  • Shristi Shrestha Fake Page
  • Namrata Shrestha Fake Page
  • Keki Adhikari Fake Page
  • Aaryan Sigdel Fake Page
  • Jeevan Luitel Fake Page
  • Reecha Sharma Fake Page

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