Sunday, August 25, 2013

DUFFERS New Nepali Movie 2013

Duffers Nepali Movie
Duffers New Nepali Movie poster
Duffers is a new Nepali movie which is scheduled to be released sooner. As the name suggests, Duffers is a story of three incompetent and clumsy people - a driver, an office clerk and a supercon who gets involved in some crime to earn money.

Release Date: 17th Jan 2014
Cast: Mukesh Acharya, Vikram Aditya Shah, Yubaraj Adhikari
Cinematography: Manoj Kumar Pant
Screenplay: Umesh Ghorsaini
Music: The Axe Band (Shiva Mukhiya)
Produced By: Niraj Poudyal, Pradip Puri, Umesh GHorsaini,
Co-Producer: Pravakar Pudasaini
Directed By: Nischal Poudyal
Production: Ananya Cinemakers
Movie Duration/length: N/A
Storyline: Story of a driver, an office clerk and a supercon and their plan to earn money.

Watch Official Trailer of Duffers Movie:

Watch the movie Song from Duffers featuring Shiva Mukhiya (The Axe Band):

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