Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BAGMATI New nepali Movie 2015

Bagmati is the new nepali movie starring the superstar of Nepal Mr. Rajesh Hamal and Keki Adhikari. Bagmati's teaser trailer says Nepal is not what it used to be earlier but Rajesh is still Rajesh. Bagmati River pollution is one of the main problem of kathmandu valley. So even if we clean it regularly, the problem will not be solved completely unless people are themselves aware and do not make it more polluted. Similarly poverty and crime activities are increasing in the Bagmati river area. In order to eradicate these social problems people should change their attitude, mentality by themselves. This is what the movie Bagmati has to present to the audience. Actress keki Adhikari will be seen in the movie as a guitarist who loves music.

The movie is made by the professional team who have a wide experience in making South indian movies. This movie is also claimed to be the highest budgeted nepali movie in the entire nepali movie history.

Tentative Release Date: Jan 08 2016 [Poush 24, 2072 B.S.]

Cast: Rajesh Hamal, Keki Adhikari, Shiva Shrestha, Ravikar Prasad, Mukunda Shrestha, Dhurba karki

Written By (Script): Sunny Karala
Cinematography: Shiju Guruvayoor

Produced By: Yasoda Rai, Subarna Maharjan, Anjana Bhari, Saraswati Darshandhari, Ayush Darshanbhandari
Directed By: Sunny Kerala

Production: Tree Entertainment, South Indian Technicians
Movie Duration/length:


Watch Official Teaser Trailer of Bagmati Nepali Movie:

Watch Official Trailer of BAGMATI:

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