Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hawaldar Suntali

Hawaldar Suntali Nepali Movie
Chhabi Raj Ojha is popular for making movies focusing on women and empowering them. The new Nepali movie Hawaldar Suntali is not an exception. Its based on the real story of a police officer (Hawaldar) Suntali Dhami but according to the director Rishi Lamichhane, the movie only focuses
on some aspect of Suntali Dhami. Actress Shilpa Pokhrel will be portraying Suntali Dhami. Shilpa stepped into Nepali movie industry via the movie Lajja in 2014. Hawaldar Suntali is releasing on 10th April along with two other movies Seto Bagh and Nai Nabhannu La 3.

Tentative Released Date: 10th April 2015 [Chaitra 27 2071 B.S.]

Cast: Shilpa Pokhrel, Sabin Shrestha, Kishor Khatiwada
Genre: Action, Suspense
Cinematography: Madan Kashyap Ghimire
Music: Deepak Sharma, Tanka Ghimire
Action: Chandra Pant

Produced By: Chhabi Raj Ojha, Dijendra Shakya
Directed By: Rishi Lamichhane

Production: Chhabi Raj Production, Guna Cinema Pvt. Ltd.
Movie Duration/length:


Watch Official Trailer of Hawaldar Suntali Nepali Movie:

Watch Movie song Ghanti Bajyo - Hawaldar Suntali:

Watch Movie song Timro Dola Dola Haat Ma - Hawaldar Suntali:

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