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Seto Bagh

Seto Bagh Poster
Seto Bagh - A cinematic version of the novel written by Lt. Diamond shumsher Rana

The movie Seto Bagh is the cinematic version of the historical novel written by late Diamond Shumsher Rana. It portrays the last 30 days of the Jung Bahadur Rana's regime. Those who had read the novel "Seto Bagh" would find it interesting and hopefully compare their visualization with the movie. Every Nepali should watch this movie to know our own history and teach our future generation about it. The movie had already been premiered in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth Australia and a lot of positive feedback has been received from the audience. The movie is releasing in Nepal on 10th April 2015 along with 2 other movies Hawaldar Suntali and Nai Nabhannu la 3.

Tentative Released Date: 10th April 2015 [Chaitra 27 2071 B.S.]

Cast: B.S. Rana (As Jung Bahadur Rana), Raja Ram Poudel, Pawan Mainali, Rabi Giri, Shyam Rai and New Faces will be seen
Genre: Historical Dram
Story: Diamond Shumsher Rana
Cinematography: Sanjay Lama
Music: Shambhujit Baskota

Produced By:
Directed By: Neer Shah

Production: Mahashakti Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., Nir Cinema Pvt. Ltd.
Movie Duration/length:

Storyline: Nepalese History

Watch Official Trailer of Seto Bagh:

Watch Official Trailer of Seto Bagh Nepali Movie:

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