Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bindaas 3

Bindaas 3 poster
Bindaas 3
Bindaas 3 is a sequel of Bindaas and Bindaas 2 both of which were based on the sex theme featuring Sushma Karki. However in Bindaas 3 actress Shuvechchha Thapa replaces Sushma Karki.

Tentative Released Date: 5th Feb 2016 [22nd Magh 2072 B.S.]
Cast: Asok Phuyal, Shuvechchha Thapa, Manish Karki, Sudhan Dhital, Subash Khadka

Cinematography: Basu Baral
Music: Arjun Pokharel
Action: Roshan Shrestha

Produced By: Vasker Shrestha, Rechard Kumar Rasaili
Directed By: Raju Giri

Movie Duration/length:


Watch Official Trailer of Bindaas 3 nepali movie:

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