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Ko Afno Poster
Ko Afno - Nepali Movie Poster

Ko Afno - is a new nepali movie released on February 19, 2016 A.D. [Falgun 7, 2072 B.S.] on the national democracy day of Nepal. The movie highlights some conflict between family. Actress Richa Sharma can be seen in a typical villager's role.

Released Date: February 19, 2016 A.D. [Falgun 7, 2072 B.S.]

Cast: Reecha Sharma, Subhash Thapa, Sushank Mainali, Menuka Pradhan, Rajan Khatiwada, Shanti Giri, Sudam C.K., Sulakshyan Bharati, Prakash Ghimire
Special Appearance:

Genre: Drama, Action
Cinematography: Shailendra D. Karki

Produced By: Anil Thapa
Directed By: Anil Thapa

Production: EIGHT23 Films
Movie Duration/length:


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