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Sano Sansar Nepali Movie 2008

Sano Sansar poster
Sano Sansar - A film by Alok Nembhang

Released Date: September 12, 2008

Namrata Shrestha - Her Debut appearance in Nepali film industry.
Vinay Shrestha
Jiwan Luitel
Arjun Shrestha
Sushila Rayamajhi
Nir Shah

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Written By (Script): Mohammed Hanif

Cinematography: Dhiraj Jung Shah

Music: Sachin Singh, Raju Singh, Jems Pradhan, Satya Swaroop, Anil Singh, Babu bogati

Produced By: Nakim Uddin, Rajesh Siddhi. Bhaskar Dhungana

Directed By: Alok Nembang - He has directed more than 300 music videos. Debut Nepali Movie direction  by Alok Nembhang.

Production: Quest Entertainment - Second HD Movie after Kagbeni.

Movie Duration/Length: 2 hours 25 Minutes

Storyline: Sano Sansar(Small World) is a movie which depicts how small this world is by making connections of different characters in the movie in different ways. The movie is influenced by the Korean movie 'My Sassy Girl' and the english movie You've Got Mail.

Movie Characters:
Ravi (Karma): Fresh computer Graduate who knows how to socialize in the computer world rather than in real world. He is in love with a chat friend Reetu.

Reetu (Namrata Shrestha): Daughter of a police Inspector, she knows what she wants in her life and what she doesn't.

Suraj (Vinay Shrestha): An enterpreneur who know exactly what he wants in his life. Dumped by Reetu when trying to have a forceful physical relationship.

Sano Sansar Poster
Sano Sansar - Nepali Film 2008

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