Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chadke Nepali Movie Trailer and Poster Released

Chadke Movie Poster
New Nepali Movie Chadke Poster

Tentative Release Date: February 22nd 2013 A.D. (Falgun 11, 2069)
Cast: Robin Tamang from the popular Rock Band "Robin and the new Revolution"
Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai: The Loot Movie Star
Arpan Thapa: Some of Arpan Thapa's Movie are Dhanda, Sick city and Batch No. 16
Sunil Pokharel, Raj Neupane,
Namrata Shrestha: Her popular movies include Sano Sansaar and First Love
Genre: Action
Produced By: Madhav Wagle and Narendra Maharjan who has created popular movies "First Love", and "Loot" in the Nepali Film Industry.

Writer/Director: Nigam Shrestha
Music: Jason Kunwar
Storyline: Gangster World and Politics. Not yet flashed.
Actors To Watch:
  • Namrata Shrestha: In a new Gangster look with her Enfield.
  • Robin Tamang: Rock Star Robin Tamang in his first Nepali movie debut with his rocking voice.
  • Dayahang Rai and Saugat Malla: After successful appearance in "Loot", expectations of Nepalese audience will be high and I am sure they will prove it up exceeding the limit.
Chadke Nepali Movie Poster
Rockstar Robin Tamang to debut in new Nepali Movie Chadke

To watch full nepali movie Chadke, click on the link:
"Full nepali movie Chadke in Youtube"

Watch Official Trailer:

Watch Ek Ekan Dui Chadke movie song (Published on Nov 12, 2012):

Watch Hall Trailer of Chadke:

Watch New Song Haatti Bhaalu from Chadke:


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  1. all mah fav celebraties are here!!! eagerly waiting to see n enjoy ur talent!! beside that god bless u all!! i wish for the success of your project, "chadkey"


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