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History of Nepali Movie

Nepali Old Movie Posters
Old Nepali Movies

Nepali Film industry also known as kaliwood is infuenced by Bollywood movies and its history dates back to 1951 A.D. Following are some pioneer movies released in the history of Nepali film industry:

First Nepali Language movie: Satya Harischandra, Released Date:Sep 14, 1951 A.D., Produced By: D. B. Pariyar, Produced from Kolkata India, Artists: Shiva Shankar, Bhuvan Chand
First Nepali Movie made in Nepal: Aama (Mother), Released Date: 1964, Produced By: Nepalese Government
First Nepali movie made by private Sector: Maitighar (Maternal Home), Released Date: 1966 A.D., Artists: Mala Sinha (Indian Artist), C.P. Lohani, Produced By: Sumonanjali Films Pvt. Ltd.
First Color Nepali language movie: Kumari, Released Date: 1977 A.D., Produced By: Royal Nepal Film Corporation, Artists: Bishwa Basnet, Chaitya Devi.

Royal Nepal Film Corporation was established by the Nepalese Government in 1971 A.D.
1980s: Some popular movies released during 80s were Samjhana (Memories), kusume Rumal(Scarlet Hankerchief), Lahure (The Army man) etc. More creative movies were released and became successful during this peroid and around 300 cinema halls were added.

Mid 1990s: During this period the Maoist revolution started which eventually resulted in the downfll of the Nepali film industry.
2006 - Present: Some experimental movies have been released rather than the same old Bollywood influenced movies. Kagbeni, Sano Sansar(Small World), Mero Euta Sathi Chha (I have one friend), First love, Loot, Visa Girl etc are some quality cinemas released during this period. Loot emerged as a blockbuster movie and was able to produce a strong impact on Nepali audiences both in the National and International level.
Film Development Board (FDB) was established on June 30, 2000 A.D. by the Government of Nepal for conceptualization, making, distribution and exhibition of films in Nepal.


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