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Bato Muni Ko Phool 2010

Bato Muni ko Phool poster
Bato Muni ko Phool directed by Suraj Subba Nalbo

Bato Muni ko Phool (2010) movie is based on the caste discrimination which is prevailing in Nepalese society. This movie tries to generate awareness in people to eradicate the social discrimination that exists among the lower caste people in Nepal.

Released Date: November 29, 2010

Yash Kumar(Singer turned actor), Babu Bogati (Singer turned actor), Rekha Thapa, Rajesh Hamal (short appearance as a policeman), Nandita KC
Genre: Love Story
Written By (Script): Yash Kumar
Cinematography: Sanjay Lama
Music: Yash Kumar

Produced By: Achyut Shrestha and Birendra Yadav
Directed By: Suraj Subba "Nalbo"
Production: Rhythm Films Pvt. Ltd.

Yash Kumar is acting as a lower caste(Dalit) people in the Nepalese society who faces different problems
during the marriage proposal to his girl friends family. He gets arrested in the charge of killing his girl friend (Rekha Thapa) and later declared as innocent since it happens to be an accident.

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