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Maina Nepali Movie

Maina Poster
Maina - A true story based Nepali Movie.

"Maina" is based on a true event of a village girl who was raped by the Nepal armymen on February 19, 2004 A.D. (Falgun 7 2060 B.s.) during the time of the decade long conflict period in Nepal. 15 years old Maina Sunuwar was killed after being raped. This movie mainly focuses on the human rights violation by the State during the armed conflict and will build public opinion towards protecting and promoting human rights in Nepal and beyond.

A premier show of the movie Maina was organized in Kathmandu on 10 November 2008.

Tentative Release Date: February 15, 2013 (Falgun 4 2069)
Cast: Anita KC, Govinda Prabhat, Radha Shrestha, Kumar Maharjan, Ram Saran Pathak, krishna Pathak

Written By (Script): Nayanraj Pandey
Cinematography: Jeevannath Sudedi
Action: Kumar Maharjan
Music: Raames Shrestha
Produced By: K.P. Pathak, Tejnarayan Sapkota, Jeevanath Subedi
Directed By:  K.P. Pathak
Production: Cine Makers Pvt. Ltd.
Maina is based on a true story of an event that occured during the decade long armed conflict in Nepal (1996-2006) i.e. the Peoples war by the Maoists. During this period the Nepalease government deployed the security forces to counter the insurgency which committed the gross human rights violations. Maina Sunwar a 14 year old school girl gets arrested from her home at Kharelthok, Kavrepalanchowk district. She was arrested on the charge of being a Maoist cadre and taken into the nearby army barack where she was given severe torture to death. This event became a national issue at media and human rights defenders which created tremendous pressure to the political actors and government, including the Nepal Army to disclose whereabouts of Maina. It was proven that she was killed by the Army with wrong intention. A write petition was filed in the Supreme Court to take action against the perpetrator and give justice to the Maina’s family.

The film gives a message that the excessive use of powers is against the humanitarian law and human rights standards. It also advocates for giving justice to the victims and appeal to end situation of gross human rights violation and culture of impunity.

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Awards and Achievements by Maina so far:
1994 All Nepal Radio Drama Competition Consolation Prize In Direction
1994 All Nepal Theatre Drama Competition By Reyukai Nepal (Second Award)
1994 Film Maina- Special Jury Award By Film Development Board
2009 Appreciation Award By Nepali Film Industry
2009 Film Maina-Best Critic Award By Chayachabi D Cine Award
2009 Film Maina-Best Actor Award By Chayachabi D Cine Award
2009 Film Maina-Best supporting Actress By Chayachabi D Cine Award
2009 Film Maina-Best Direction Nominated By Chayachabi D Cine Award
2010   Film Maina- Best Social Awareness By National Film Award
2010   2010   Film Maina- Best Script Writer By National Film Award
2010   Film Maina- Best Mixing By National Film Award
2010   Film Maina- Best Background Music By National Film Award
2010   Film Maina- Best Make Up By National Film Award

Maina Movie Poster
Maina A film by K.P. Pathak

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