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Pareni Maya Jalaima 2004

Pareni Maya Jalaima (2004) - Undone by Love (English Title) won the best story award in the Nepalese Film Award 2004. This nepali movie is one of the high budgeted movies in Nepal with a production cost of about 10 million Nepali Rupees. 80 %of the movie was filmed in Hongkong and 20% in Nepal.

Released Date: May 20, 2004
Cast: Dilip Rayamajhi, Uttam Pradhan, Jharana Bajracharya, Mithila Sharma, Sunil Thapa, Rajendra Khadgi
Genre: Romance
Written By (Script): Prithvi Rana
Cinematography: Gavin Liew
Directed By: Ram Sharan Ghimire, Prithvi Rana
Production: First Global Premier Pvt. Ltd., Tilottama Pictures
Movie Duration/Length: 1 hour 42 Minutes


Man Bahadur an ex Gurkha soldier living in Hong Kong with his family has a son named Himal (Dilip Raimajhi), a nephew Suraj (Uttam Pradhan) - whom he has looked after since childhood - and his wife (Mithila Sharma). Himal and Suraj are the same age, and are close. However, there is a great difference in their personalitites. Himal's thinking is westernized; he likes hip-hop music and has friends of poor character. Himal uses drugs occasionally, and is dating a girl named Jenny from the Philippines. He spends most of his time in discos, rather than with his family or at work.On the other hand, Suraj has a good work ethic and (unlike Himal) likes Nepalese music, food and culture. Man Bahadur and his wife are concerned about Himal's behaviour; while he fears their son has escaped their influence, she has not lost hope yet. She thinks if Himal marries a Nepalese girl, everything will be alright.

One day in a disco, Himal gets drunk and (not knowing what he is doing) kisses a girl against her will. A fight breaks out between Himal and the girl's boyfriend, and Himal is badly beaten up. Man Bahadur's worst fears are concerned; his wife is still optimistic, though, and insists on finding a Nepalese girl for him. Man Bahadur resists at first, but eventually agrees to write his childhood friend Bal Bahadur(Sunil Thapa) for his daughter Kiran's (Jharana Bajracharya) hand in marriage for Himal. Man proposes that Bal send his daughter to Hong Kong as a tourist; during her stay in Hong Kong if Himal and Kiran like each other, only then will their parents announce the marriage. Bal is delighted, thinking Himal is the perfect groom for his daughter and hoping she can escape the hardship in Nepal. After consulting his wife Bal sends Kiran to Hong Kong, telling Kiran that it is their gift for her college vacation....

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