Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Life Nepali Movie 2012

My Life 2012 Poster
My Life Nepali Movie 2012 Poster
My Life is a thriller action revenge love story based nepali movie directed by Dinesh Rasaili who has an experience of making more than 500 music videos.

Released Date: March 23, 2012

Cast: Jharana Thapa, Sneha Sharma, Suraj RD, Ayub KC, Milan Shankar, Apekshya Adhikari, Kamal Kisan, Dipak Chhetri

Genre: Love Story, Revenge
Written By (Script): Dinesh Sunar
Cinematography: Hari Humagain
Screenplay: Dinesh Sunar
Music: Roman Gayak
Action: Shankar Maharjan
Produced By: Bishwas Ghale, Prakash Ghale
Directed By: Jeewan Rashaili
Production: The Ultimate Dreams

Storyline: A revenge Love Story with lots of action sequences.

Watch Official Trailer:

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